Red Cedar for all of your special construction and craft needs.

About Us

Delmar Bish is the do-all expert in Red Cedar products, from removal of Eastern Red Cedar to processing through milling to produce beautiful wood products for home and commercial use. 


Starting with tree removal from your pasture, we can take your unwanted trees and through our milling process, produce a usable material perfect for interior design and special uses such as closets and room trim. 

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Delmar began his Cedar Tree Cutting service in January of 2007. Prior to opening his own business Delmar worked in the removal industry for many years and now is approaching 20 years of experience. His service area includes an area 150 radius of Vici and he provides Eastern Red Cedar removal in the area. Eastern Red Cedar is considered an invasive species of tree that is overpopulating many open spaces in Northwest Oklahoma. This tree is difficult to eradicate, being resistant to most sprays. Delmar uses a special cutter to get in and cut these trees, as their branches grow from the ground up. Farmers and ranchers have been offered incentives from USDA and NRCS to help remove these trees, which has created a value added product.

Several years ago he became interested in finding practical uses for all of the wood he was harvesting. with the help of the High Plains RC&D he has been able to add a mill and is in the process of setting up a planer at his rural location. 


"Delmar makes some beautiful red cedar lumber that is perfect for closet lining and other interior trim work"